Sunday, 26 July 2009

Allerton Cottage

Week 15.

Underfloor heating is installed and screeded to kitchen and dining room.
The structural alterations and first fix electrics and plumbing begin in the master and en-suite bathrooms.
The roof to the first floor extension is fully exposed and ready for the new traditional roof installation.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Allerton Cottage

Week 14.

Completed Underfloor Heating installation.
Screeded floor with fibre reinforced sand & cement.
Finally removed hoarding to reveal full size of kitchen / dining area.
Dug out existing concrete floor to allow for installation of UFH.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Allerton Cottage

Week 13.

Window is installed 1st floor extension.
Underfloor heating is installed to coach house.
Wall to 1st floor extension is demolished ready for new bedroom layout.
Chimney breast to en-suite and master bathroom is removed.

Allerton Cottage

Week 12.

The electric roof lights have been installed.
1st fix electrics have been completed.
The 1st floor extension continues to rise.
The spaces are beginning to open out.

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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Allerton Cottage

Week 10.

The brickwork to the kitchen atrium has been completed, the atrium joists have been installed.

The kitchen and atrium roofs have been made watertight.

The roof has been stripped above the existing kitchen where the 1st floor extension is to be built, the joists and deck have been installed and the brick work is starting to go up.

Allerton Cottage

Week 8.

All of the steel beams have been installed and welded, the scaffolding has been built and flat roof is being installed to the kitchen extension.

Allerton Cottage

Week 7.

The beam & block flooring has been completed and the gable end wall has been exposed to allow us to begin installing the main supporting beams which weigh nearly 3/4 of a tonne.

The opening for the 4.7 metre bi-fold doors has been formed to the rear of the coach house.


We have now become a member of the Federation of Master Builders, Registered Allerton Cottage onto the Considerate Constructors Scheme and become a BPEC certified Continental Underfloor Heating Installer.

Allerton Cottage

Week 5.

The kitchen outrigger has been demolished, the new link walls have been partly built and the beam & block floor partly installed.

Part of the coach house wall was deemed by our engineer to be dangerous, so it was taken down and rebuilt.

The centre section of the coach house including the dorma window was stripped out to allow us to install a steel post and beams to carry the new staircase.

Allerton Cottage

Allerton Cottage is a 26 week project commencing from 20th April and completing on 16th October.

Week 3.

The link between the existing house and the coach house has been demolished.

The coach house roof has had some lightweight strengthening.

Below ground drainage alterations have taken place.

Footing are being dug and stud walls to coach house have been built.

Where possible we have saved materials for future re-use or recycling.